No racism! This is really the biggest rule we have.

  • Don’t type it, don’t write it on a sign, and don’t say it over voice. Admins spectate often and if we catch you we will ban you. This includes any variations of spelling or verbiage.
  • I don’t typically warn. By playing here you’re consenting to following the rules and it’s your responsibility to read them.
  • I will probably destroy your base if I find racist signs inside it.

No Foul Language Please.

No Camping or Excessive Harassment.

  • If you pack enough heat to take a base over, cool!
  • If you have time/resources to completely level a base, knock yourself out. It’s child-ish and you should probably get a life though.
  • Don’t camp someone or their base for hours/days.
  • Don’t camp someone or their base for hours/days spamming your mic with music or annoying chatter.

Knowingly utilizing any exploits is also not allowed.

  • Self explanatory.

Don’t disrespect admin or argue about rules.

  • Don’t sass simple-smile.png Our rules are out there in the open, you’re technically agreeing to them by playing here.
  • If your friend broke the rules and you’re unhappy about it, follow them to their new server, please don’t try and argue with us about why our rule is “dumb”. We’re not going to unban them.

No Stream sniping! It’s cheap and I will make you go away if you do it.

Don’t wall off entire rad towns either.

No Hacking! Anyone found hacking will be perm ban!