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  1. are we friends on steam? if not my steam name is randomhero, lets play duo's sometime. Maybe get warlock and hudy to join us and play squads!
  2. anyone else getting this game? im downloading it now! woot woot!
  3. The bugs in this game can drive a guy nuts
  4. I have been playing h1z1 KotK for about 2 weeks now and am almost ranked diamond! got my 1st win the other day.
  5. been tryin to join but it says invite has expired
  6. i miss the old days where we all played together, i actully reinstalled cod4 and played it some on other servers but the chaos is nowhere near as fun as our server was. I got king of the kill last week and have been sucking at it ROFL. Fishing planet is fun and relaxing, i tend to play it when i have a streak of bad drops in KotK. I also play Mechwarrior online, neverwinter online, everquest and started playing americas army. I miss everyone, i have tryed to get my friends to play some games but they would rather play ps4. ive bee thinking about getting csgo and arma3 but being laid off i have to save money here and there to get a new game lol.
  7. So i have been laid off from work for the winter and have been looking for a new game to get into, just wondering what everyone is playing and what is fun. Looked at Rust, dayz, arrma 3 and games like them. would like to hear some input on what is fun.