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  1. WOW!
  2. You need to calm down.
  3. This is a family website. Thank you.
  4. Berries for everyone.
  5. Played the closed beta. Wasnt impressed. I'll keep an eye on it, see how it developes.
  6. Probably. Hopefully that was the first step in canceling the server.
  7. Happy Birthday! <3
  8. It's not hard to figure out. Everyone sees it.
  9. There is no advantage. We're wasting all the clan money on an empty Arma 3 server so now we can't afford something we actually use : TeamSpeak.
  10. I'm sure the regular drive was holding up just fine since the server has been almost completely empty since it has been put online. Server Pop has still yet to reach 5 players. Can we take this thing offline now, and stop wasting money?
  11. Oh look, the second time I look the Server is empty. Game Tracker says that there hasn't been more than 5 people in the server in the last 7 days. Where are all these people that wanted CTU to pay for a server again? Please stop wasting Clan money on this.
  12. What an absolute waste of money. Surprise surprise - it's empty.
  13. We all know this already.
  14. Second place, no kills. LOL