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  1. +1 <3
  2. Oh, stop being such a pessimist. It'll take time to get the people back. Lol
  3. Did you guys reset all the player files? :/
  4. Ever think about bringing the wasteland server back in the future?
  5. While BigSexy is absolutely correct, I do feel however that it would seem like a waste of time on a lot of people's part if the server were to be reset (or deleted altogether), which is why i am prepared to offer my knowledge of programming (SQL, C++, Java, Python). I am certified in SQL and C++, and i have extensive knowledge in the other two. I have spent a lot of time in this server, and would hate to see it all go to waste. BigSexy, I do not think that he was acting like he is entitled to anything. He just found something he likes and is simply speaking up so that this server may stick around, or get fixed altogether.
  6. While I know we have bumped heads in the past (as shown in this video... Nice putting me right at the beginning btw), but i do actually enjoy your competition, it actually forces me to think and strategise, the way this game is meant to be played. It also motivates me to go out and do the money missions (which i believe they should make a harder one), to make my money back. Just like today, you guys cost me ~700K. I know that we scream "troll" a lot, (i haven't seen "hacker" pop up), but the real fact of the matter is that you're just a good player, and we are used to stomping newbies that just join the server. So, yeah... I'll be the first to admit.
  7. I would also appreciate if you left the replies somewhat kind, as you already cause people enough problems in game anyway
  8. If it was last night, I am terribly sorry for the mix up. My short term memory is not too great right now (side effect of pain killers). Although i would still never knowingly break the rules.
  9. Was I? I don't remember it being last night, when i was banned. But I do remember us grouping previously
  10. Server I was banned from: A3Wasteland Altis v1.2 Date/Time of ban: 9:25 P.M. (CST) 8/28/16 IGN: Chees Reason for Ban: Ghosting(?) Explanation: I had logged off of the server s hours prior to this incident. When i logged back on, someone by the name of "49lone82" (or something like that) said in chat "I have been in this scorcher for hours". Now, while i was on the Independent team in the hours before i logged off, we were not in a group, and i was unable to see him, although i did have a good idea of where he may be (this was after i logged back on). And this 49lone82 character is regarded by many that play the server as a "trolling, trashtalking douchebag" (not my words), and i do agree. Anyway, back to my point. He was gloating in chat, and i didn't take too kindly to that, so i said to my groupmates (I was on opfor) "Hey, we should teach this guy a lesson", he shot down one of my groupmates, and made a rather rude comment about it afterwards, so i looked on my radar (i was in an armed orca), and i fired 4 missiles at him. one of which missed, and three hit. I landed the killing shot on his scorcher (obviously), and after a short cheer and congratulations, he said something in the chat along the lines of "nice ghosting, telling your team mates where i am. idiot" Now i thought that ghosting was a compliment, as "You're a ghost dude.", something like that. I really do not appreciate my ban for false accusations. Yes, i did tell my team mates where he was, but that's what team mates do... yes, 49lone82 and i were on independent, but we could not see each other, as we were not grouped. I really do not appreciate the one-sided bias that you people hold towards your clan members. He said i was ghosting one time, and BOOM! banned. I would never knowingly break the rules of this server, as i have invested much time in it. And i would like to think that Ellie (who is an admin of the server) would gladly back me up on this. Seriously though... What is ghosting?