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  1. A picture of Nole. Master of the Spray and Pray.
  2. Well. I think it was a mistake to beat the game in 2 days. Now all that is left is hackers in DZ and the new content with their exploits xD
  3. Battlefield 1 Though. Instantly hooked. As far as Remasterd CoD.... I am just gonna wait and hope they eventually listen to reason and release the game on its own. It isn't worth the price of the new style CoD.
  4. Love being on blufor and watching the blueberries play xD
  5. Insane in the membrane! Insane got no brain!
  6. Yea. 20 on Arma and Rust and about 5 fps on ARK. xD
  7. thats the idea xD
  8. Alright xD Rest of it looks good though?
  9. Is it? I'm not privvy to tech, which is why I ask. Do you have a suggestion for me?
  10. Hey folks, so i am planning to build a computer, and was wondering on what is a good build and what is not I kind of have a general idea but I wanted to get opinions, suggestions of changes Etc. Here it is: ~Thermaltake Chaser A71 Full Tower Gaming Case - Black ~Liquid Neon Thunder Pattern Light - Blue ~Intel® Core™ i7 5960X Processor (8x 3.0GHz/20MB L3 Cache) - Intel Core™ i7 5960X ~Swiftech H220 240mm Liquid CPU Cooling System - Blue Coolant ~32 GB [8 GB x4] DDR4-2400 Memory Module - G.SKILL Ripjaws V ~NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ti - 6GB - SLI Mode (Dual Cards) With MSI GAMING SLI BRIDGE (2-Way L) ~ASUS Rampage V Extreme/U3.1 -- 5x PCIe x16, 2x USB 3.1, 10x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 ~1500 Watt - Thermaltake Toughpower TPD-1500MPCGUS-1 ~512 GB ADATA SP900 SSD + 4TB 7200RPM Hard Drive ~AeroCool Touch1000 Touch Screen Fan Controller & Temperature Display ~Intel Pro 10/100/1000 Network Card ~Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste
  11. Roger that.
  12. Anyone play FC:Primal Yet? Ive been thinking of getting it but i want to know if it is even worth the buy for 60 bucks or should i just keep playing the other FC games.
  13. Well if you guys ever need assistance and I am on, let me know.
  14. I would totally be down for some Exile.