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  1. Secret. We use the Command Menu's to spot out targets. It requires that the squad lead be looking at the target when he gives an engage command. It will also only show for the squad leaders team and not the squad leader himself. I believe it is disabled on 70% of servers but there are a handful that don't have it disabled so we make use of it whenever we can. Mommy and Daddy always told me I could be a doctor I bet they are proud of me now.
  2. I can certainly appreciate your tenacity. Our team just works well together. We all have 800+ hours. We have all played with mil-sim groups (the ones that take this game way to serious) and we all enjoy having fun. One of us getting called a troll or hacker just puts a big smile on our face. We enjoy the competition.
  3. We have a small group of about 10 players who play Arma with one goal. To have fun, we are relatively mature but definetly get laughably immature sometimes. We only have one rule. Everyone gets at least one chance to play in our group. Regardless of any interactions we may have had in the past as some of my worst enemies in Arma turned out to be done of my favorite people to kill time with. We are fairly tight knit and our group clicks very well right now so as long as you don't do anything to throw off the balance you are good. We are usually on CTU official team speak server when we are playing wasteland. So the next time you are on and getting bored of playing with the randoms on Opfor drop on in. We are usually on later in the evenings as the majority of us have full time jobs/responsibilities. PS. Don't bother dropping by if you are voting for Hillary as some of our discussions get political and you would just be offended.
  4. My team and I will refrain from using global.
  5. I do have a mouth in global I wont lie and I would stop if anyone had let me know it was a problem but, at the same time is it not hypocritical considering the way the rest of the people on the server act. I am not here to argue, and I dont expect to be unbanned. Maybe the server pop will come back now that I am banned maybe it wont. I am leaning towards wont though considering anytime someone new joins they get wiped by your guys constant spam of blackfoots and the fact that you guys sure do seem to ban a lot of people permanently for language violations.
  6. What. I played very little last night as my internet was in and out. I am not sure what your personal problem with me is AV8R but it is ridiculous. You claim you want to play the game win or lose and without people camping the activity centers with launchers.... What a hypocrite... We had a group of 7 at one point with a total server pop of almost 30 this last weekend the majority of us were having a good time and the entire time you guys just complained. Yes I was banned on Legion for Meta gaming which was removed the next day after they realized it was an admin upset I was killing him. I thought CTU was a PVP server but, ever since I stopped playing on AV8R's team he has a personal vendetta against me. Also, who was my friend (Name Please) that was banned for hacking? I literally have been playing with the same guys and none of them are hackers. Dont get me wrong AV8R I respect you for your service in the military but I have no clue why you are attacking me as of late. As for the Airfield. Ask roadkill as I have video proof of him claiming responsibility for placing the objects at the AF to blow up vehicles on take off. Intresting how the server pop seems to have benefited furing the last 3 days especially when we were on this weekend
  7. Server: CTU Arma 3 wasteland altis Time: 10/4/2016 In Game Name: Dr.Cherno Listed Reason for the Ban: Trolling? Explantion/comments: I am not sure how or when I trolled? Since I was banned when I was offline. I know we have been accused of cheating a lot but that isn't true. I have video proof of some of your other players actually trolling. While you certainly do not owe me an explanation of why I was banned. I am a little curious considering the guys always on Opfor troll in chat and in game. Either way it has been a fun 1 1/2 years and I look forward to continuing to play with all my Arma buddies I met on CTU elsewhere. As for Roadkill, Atremus, and AV8R. It would do you guys a whole lot of good to put on your big boy pants and stop crying hacks and troll everytime someone bests you. Believe it or not the AI in this game are pretty easy to beat if you cant handle player combat then find a non PVP server. I have heard that the CTU wasteland server will be going away soon anyway which is a little unfortunate but, you need to make way for more popular games. Here is the video of us dumpstering you salty kids I think I had more kills then all your whole team and it was all legit. Also I didn't use vehicles.
  8. Anyway we could get some sort of in game warning when the game is about to restart?
  9. Yes, for veteran. Or just make it to where we cant see everyone on the map.