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  1. Ah, these were days. Back when I had no job, no taxes, no responsibilities other than to admin ye'old beloved-by-all arma 3 server :') brings a tear to my eye just thinking of the mess that was. Brings two tears to my eyes thinking about how much drama I had to deal with.
  2. Didn't mean it like that.... I think you've been spending too much time away from your vacuum! He called me a sucker for selling out to CSGO, I agreed.
  3. Yes, I am!
  4. Update: never picked it up, too much money. And I'm broke due to tokae coercing me to buy skins for CSGO again.
  5. If I had a dollar everytime the link expired, I would be rich. https://discord.gg/yTmaWTQ
  6. InB4BigSexySaysWontBe9YearsIfWePayForEmptyArmaServer I really didnt expect much either when I joined this brigade 3 years ago. Spooky times! I've been playing csgo again, kill me; though one day I hope we all can play together like we used to.
  7. Tokae can save more money for beer.
  8. Shouldn't this be in the CTU Headquarters thread?
  9. That's very true, and I'm very very very VERY cheap. On a side note, I noticed for the first time that "ladies" is actually plural! Usually it's just lady and gents lol!! I would be down for the cod 4 server thing though! Depending on the day that is. I may have to work
  10. Okay, BigSexy, stop. Pretty please with cherries on top! LMFAO! I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist laughing at this.
  11. They're warming up for all the hard core fun!
  12. Should get on and play sometime!
  13. party pooper
  14. You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not shout I'm telling you why, tokae is tilted. Run. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERY ONE!!!!! Time to enjoy my 4 unpaid days off of work. Rip $.