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  1. yeah samehere, there is no logic of buying it anyways if your only going to go for the good game. they should have made the 2 games seporate and not combine it and having to pay more for a limited edition just to get that one
  2. also it would be a good idea to remove all thermals and the thermal weapons scopes too, it will be a lot more like that server lol
  3. actually you know what? i actually kinda like Clouseaus idea a lot, reminds me of a arma 2 OA wasteland server where all the lock on weapons were either disabled or taken out
  4. also id like to ask to make the vehicles more expensive aswell as the ones with lock on weapons aboard like the blackfoot
  5. thats the other thing i thought though people might leave if we just simply remove the launchers all together, my plan was to increase the price of the lock ons to that of tank prices and lower the dumfire launchers price, finally its stupid cheap for the launcher crate at only 15,000 $ and people can just call it in whenever and its not really that expensive, i was thinking of bumping the price up to 100,000 or more
  6. so ive heard people are complaining that the Titans are very cheap to buy as goes the Launchers crate and the blackfoot Helicopter, i purpose that they should get their prices lifted quite a bit, maybe doubling or tripling the prices they normally are
  7. awesome keep up the good work Ellie!
  8. i will wait, im sure it will happen eventually
  9. i mean eventually it might look like that, i see a lot of people buying infinite only to get to COD 4 lol
  10. i dont suppose anyone will wait till they comeout with the separate game when it does?
  11. And i was thinking about updating what to be put in for the Airdrops, i was complaining about the M900 being in it instead of the humming bird because with the M900 you have no protection against heat seeking weapons where as the hummingbird you have flares to ward of missiles
  12. Wasnt Tokae the one who wanted Jets to be removed from the server? i couldive sworn thats what he said before this server even went to tanoa
  13. also will there be a new TS channel for the people who play on the tanoa servers
  14. guess we'll jsut have to do with old cod 4 though not like thats bad or anything