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  1. Now that Tokae
  2. What condition is it?
  3. We all know its so you can get your free supply of needles
  4. I just think he needs a hug.
  5. Where do you live at Hilby
  6. Thank you sir
  7. Vehicle are all over the map already. Would this add to server lag?
  8. I am wanting to finally go get my OW cert. I have been wanting to since I was a kid. Anyone have any tips here. Just got the gear I need for one of my local shops to go through their course.
  9. Guess its too fast pace for the old man. Might give him a heart attack
  10. At least you didnt put the logger in again for the player made markers
  11. Not at all
  12. Already starting huh BS
  13. Blue waffle?
  14. Anyone looked into this or interested. I can't wait for it.
  15. Mr. Slob to the rescue