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  1. Our resident newb has become some sort of royal hot head in H1Z1...
  2. was seriously on here just to say something like that tonight!
  3. I must be a tech god if I joined the clan in 1969. PRAISE ME!
  4. Tokae.... Lord of the Dopes
  5. wait a few months after release and I'm sure that it will be sold on its own...sales for the new game will be too low and they'll drop the re-master separate to make up for it. they know it wont do well even with the added re-master.
  6. We do not fear you tokae. Let the records show that your reign of terror ends when you read this. YOU HAVE BEEN WARND....... Hssssssss
  7. I tried this a while back... they denied it....we also started a coup which i am still in favor of. TOKAE WILL BE SILENCED!!!
  8. I really want to get cod4 working again, but since win10 was loaded, every time i fix loading and running problems they just end up getting reset ..........
  9. Ive got a Pavilion 17 -f114dx. runs everything pretty well. and its only $600.
  10. I have it but i havent played in a while cause of fallout4 and work. I need to get back into it.
  11. http://aw.my.com/us ​
  12. Obsidian Gaming just launched open beta for armoured warfare. its pretty good so far.
  13. CTU_Derpy.... im running 5-8
  14. Yeah< Bigsexy has a point, and to save us all from monkey going bananas. Its a magazine. if you were to unload a clip the bullets would be lying on the ground.
  15. https://youtu.be/A9gC1GiSDDA​