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  1. please unrefrain your self sir, and post the truth
  2. We have a new ark (aka berry simulator for bs) server that's running the volcano map. It is pve but the mods make it challenging to survive. Right now, I have player levels up to 200. I'm trying to get them to a 1000 but unsure if I can get that to work.
  3. Just curious, what's the advantage ?
  4. we were playing last night on our new stock cod4 server and it was a blast from the past. Maybe will be at it again tonight
  5. NEW LINK Punk buster Unzip into cod4 folder and run pbsetup .
  6. Since I'm tired of going on the website and not seeing any new post, I have a important announcement to make.................................................. Tokae Is a series Noober
  7. when translated means "my wife tells me when to put my pants on"
  8. = Tilted
  9. Happy Birthday your Lordship
  10. congrats, he's earned at least a year in the basement :}
  11. BF1

    For anybody that has bf1, hardcore is now available in the custom maps browser.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!!! I hope everybody has a chance to spend some quality time with friends and family, and have some good food
  13. the rust server is set to auto update, but for what ever reason it doesn't. Its now updated but unless there's traffic in it anytime soon, ill probably cancel it.
  14. well happy birthday Mr.Murray. And for your birthday your wife will give you this gift.........