Thank you for considering a donation to the Counter Terrorist Unit Clan.

Please read the following BEFORE donating.

-Donating does not give you perks in game, on our forums or the TeamSpeak-
-All donations are final. No refund may be made nor any attemp at a refund-
-Donating does not make you imune to punishment if rules are broken-
-Donating will give you a tag in TeamSpeak and a Donator Icon on the forums, but that's it-
-Donating is only to support us, and does not guarantee a slot in the server-
-Donating does not give you special in game content that others cannot access-

What does CTU agree to?

-All donations are used towards the improvement of the Counter Terrorist Unit Clan-
-The Counter Terrorist Unit Clan uses the donations to improve servers and software-
-If requested, we will not disclose you as a donor-
-We will never disclose how much you donated to anyone-