CTU Clan Members

Code Of Conduct

Individuals may be penalized under any article for similar actions as defined in said article as determined by Company Commanders and Senior Officers.

The CTU clan was founded on March 1, 2008 with the idea that friends and family could come together in one place and have fun in a family atmosphere to play and interact in. We strive to keep it a place where we can all have fun. A place where our kids can play and other families feel comfortable allowing their kids to play. Because they know that we will do our best to keep our servers, teamspeak and website clean. We feel character and player interaction is more important than your score on the server. We do not recruit people based on skill level. The following are things we here at CTU strive to be & uphold:


1.1.1 - Members are expected to show respect to everyone they come in contact with.

1.1.2 - Harassment is defined as intentional behavior intended to disturb or upset and is characteristically repetitive; It can also be threatening in nature. This type of behavior will not be tolerated within the clan.

1.1.3 - A threat is a declaration of intention to inflict harm on someone or something, usually intended to cause fear. Threats, no matter how miniscule, are taken extremely seriously and those creating threats will be heavily reprimanded.

1.1.4 - Racist, sexist, and anti-religious comments are strictly prohibited.

1.1.5 - Discrimination is defined as the treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit. Discriminatory behavior will be dealt with swiftly.

1.1.6 - Members may not be dishonest to each other. Perjury is taken very seriously.

1.1.7 - Members may not spread rumors or misinformation among the clan.

1.1.8 - Insubordination is defined as the act of willfully disobeying an authority. Refusing to perform an action that is unethical or illegal is not insubordination; neither is refusing to perform an action that is not within the scope of authority of the person issuing the order.

1.1.9 - Members who have been granted special privileges or authority may not use said privileges to harass or otherwise upset their subordinates. They may also not use their authority for personal gain.

1.1.10 - Collusion is defined as a secretive agreement between two or more parties to limit competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding.

1.1.11 - Scamming is defined as the use of deception to cheat or defraud another individual. Members may not scam one another, regardless of the resulting gain or lack thereof.

1.1.12 - Treason is defined as any action taken in attempt to harm the clan. This includes attempting to either overthrow leadership or coerce it's members to leave and join another group.

1.1.13 - Multi-Clanning is defined as the act of being a member of one or more organized groups, teams, clans, or units within the same game and platform. Multi-Clanning will be grounds for immediate removal from the clan.

1.1.14 - Members are expected to speak English at all times. The use of other languages is permitted to communicate rules, etc. Saying Hello & being cordial is acceptable in another language.

1.1.15 - Distribution of Inappropriate Content is the act of publicly sharing links, images, videos, or any other content that is graphic, pornographic, or disturbing in nature.

1.1.16 - Excessive Drunken Behavior is not acceptable.

1.1.17 - Unprofessional Conduct occurs when an individual's behavior has been determined to be setting a bad example of our clan in any environment.

1.1.18 - Fraudulent Enlistment occurs when an individual is dishonest on their clan application or during any pre-enlistment interviews. Members will be penalized under this article immediately when any part of their pre-enlistment information is found fraudulent.


1.2.1 - Absent without Leave (AWOL) occurs when a member is not seen for a period of over four weeks, or thirty calendar days, without providing any notice to clan leadership. We all have families to attend to, we understand there may come a time when you need to step back or take a break. Life comes first, which means, take care of your immediate family. This is to be commended and not looked down upon. When you joined this clan, you joined a second family, we understand, don't worry; we will be here when you get back. If you need to take some time off, please notify your Company Commander so he knows what's going on. Members who go AWOL will be removed from the active roster.

1.2.2 - Unauthorized Absences occur when a member doesn't attend an event or meeting that they were expected to attend, whether by voluntary or involuntary expectation. If a member can provide at least 8 hours notice and a reasonable excuse, they will not be in violation of this article.


1.3.1 - A member may not remove their in-game tags at any time. If they create a new in-game account, they must immediately transfer their tags to said account. A member may also not modify their tags in any way at any time. From time to time, Senior Officers & Company Commanders will log in under an alias to ensure our Leadership's integrity.

1.3.2 - Members may not change their actual names at any time without prior authorization from company command. They must also maintain the same screen-name over the website, teamspeak, and battlelog/origin. We are looking for consistency.

1.3.3 - Members may not attempt to or effectively impersonate anyone else, whether in the clan or not, at any time. Impersonation is a very serious offense and is not taken lightly.

1.3.4 - You are expected to play under your CTU tags at all times no matter what game you play. We feel it is an honor to be affiliated with the great people in this family and you should feel the same way. You should be proud to display your tag and strive to make this the best possible place to play for everyone. You are expected to play on the CTU servers regularly when you are able. There is nothing wrong with visiting other servers and meeting new people but always remember that this is our family and we expect everyone to be a part of it.


1.4.1 - Recruit Poaching is the act of attempting to steal a member from another clan in order to recruit them to yours. Poaching will result in immediate removal from the clan.

1.4.2 - Unauthorized Recruitment is the publication of recruitment material or attempts to recruit individuals on another clan's website, forum, or servers. This activity is strictly forbidden.


1.5.1 - Sending unauthorized messages addressed to an individual, a group of members, or the entire clan, is strictly forbidden. Any unofficial or official letter must be cleared by Company Command through the chain of command.

1.5.2 - Sending unauthorized or unchanneled messages addressed to the public is extremely forbidden. All correspondences intended for the public must be cleared by Company Command through the chain of command.

1.5.3 - Unauthorized Release of Private Information occurs when an individual shares information with another party who is not entitled to said information. This can occur inside or outside the clan, and includes but is not limited to: passwords, private discussions, and any information that an individual has obtained due only to their rank or position. This can also occur when a member breaches another individual's expectation of privacy.

In Game Rules

2.1.1 - Cheating is defined as the use of a cheat, script, glitch, bug, or exploit within the game to give the offender an unfair advantage within the game. Anyone caught cheating will be banned from the servers, teamspeak & website.

2.1.2 - You are expected to make our regulars feel comfortable & show them the respect they deserve because they are our guest. No CTU member should at any time disrespect another regular or member in any form. It does not matter if they disrespect you, you should not return disrespect because someone else showed you disrespect. If a member or regular is disrespectful, please bring it to the attention of your Company Commander and let them handle it. If they cannot handle it, the Company Commander will be it to the attention of a Senior Officer.

2.1.3 - Using in game glitches is prohibited. Glitches is defined as gaining an unfair advantage over your opponent such as turning clays into walls, standing on objects that do not support your body weight in real life.

2-1.4 - Intentionally team killing someone, blocking doorways, being rude over chat or spamming taunts in an aggressive manner will not be tolerated.

Teamspeak Rules

3.1.1 - All individuals are expected to behave like adults while in any teamspeak. Creating a disturbance is prohibited. Individuals who are found to be: playing music, singing, yelling, or intentionally keeping a microphone open will be penalized under this article.

3.1.2 - All CTU member & recruits are expected to be in Teamspeak while on the server. If an individual is busy and does not want to be disturbed, they are asked to still come onto Teamspeak and simply go to the "Timeout" channel. Habitual offenders will be reprimanded.

3.1.3 - Ghosting is prohibited. Ghosting is defined as telling a player who is alive & you are dead where they are on the map.


Individuals may be penalized under any article for similar actions as defined in said article as determined by Company Commanders and Senior Officers.

CTU Admin Staff