Counter Terrorist Unit Clan was founded March 1, 2008 as a place where families and their kids would have a safe place to come, relax & play online games. Over the last 7 years, CTU has grown to include people from all around the world. We started with COD 4 as our main game & then grew to include COD 5, BF series, CS:GO, Ark & Rust. Currently, we are a 18+ clan. However, we do look at app on an individual bases. We are looking for players who are mature, meaning that you are able to remain calm & have a good time without talking our ears off. We are a very relaxed group that does not tolerate drama of any kind.

Currently, we have 2 division to join our clan, Arma 3 & COD 4. Once you become a member and have put in time, you have the opportunity to go through training & receive admin powers on the server. The more you put into learning the more opportunity there is. Each member is responsible for their own individual growth. We will not bug you or ask you to go through training. The opportunity is there. You will need to take the initiative.

If you would like to join CTU, please register on the forums & fill out an application.